Drug Free Pet Prescriptions

Holistic Animal Medicines (HAMPL) unique prescription formulas have been made available to you after your consultation with us. The clinical practice has been serving the public and their pets for over 20 years so you can be sure that they are totally effective, absolutely safe.

Our suppliers of the homeopathic mother tinctures and herbal extracts are from government approved professional practitioner human range. Except we prescribe them for specific animal ailments.

Our qualified staff are pleased to be able to continue to provide you with a “Free Phone Consultations” or via on-line for our prescription formulas. Our lines do get busy, so please email or consult a practitioner on-line through our website service.

Practitioner On-line 24 hours a day via our Web Site (orange button top right hand corner).


Worldwide EXPRESS Shipping

We offer 50% Discount for International Orders. INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTORS Welcome      

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Veterinarian Vision

In our practice we prescribe a broad range of the natural medicines and have been very happy with the products quality, safety and effectiveness.  We particularly value the “naturopathic range” as we have great medical results.
Dr Perrine DVM

Christina is an integrative veterinarian and founder of the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy, says, “The traditional approach to illness is to get rid of the symptom, … the holistic philosophy views a symptom as a clue to a larger problem and plans treatments to strengthen the whole body, instead of targeting only the manifestation.”
C. Chambreau, DVM

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