Drug Free Pet Prescriptions

Veterinarian Formulated & Approved

Effectiveness and safety are essential for keeping your pet healthy.
It is estimated that at least 99% of pets experience frequent contamination – chemicals poisons – sprays, injections, drugs or low grade foods.  

These formulas are a combination of homeopathic remedies that will provide the necessary actions of reversing pathologies by the way of effective drainage, detoxification and organotherapy.

For example:Effective Homeopathic, Isopathic, Tautopathic, Sympathic and Organopathy Prescribing formulas and herbal mixes.

There is no contradiction between Drainage and Hahnemanian (classical) Homeopathy. One prepares the way for the other. One cannot get a true constitutional picture until this is done first.


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Robin Murphy (Quote) …Clinical homeopathy will be a great boon to anyone in practice today and in the future. Knowing tautopathic prescribing (tautopathy is the science of antidotes and toxicology. This method excels in removing the effect of drugs and toxins) is absolutely essential because of the fact that the majority of the human (and animal) population is being poisoned.  

Clinical Homeopathy is more diverse and practical. You need an ideal patient for classical homeopathy to work; they are the exception in homeopathic practice not the rule.

Robin Murphy is a International homeopathic lecturer. The author of the well known Robin Murphy’s Lotus Homeopathic Materia Medica & Homeopathic Medical Repertory Journals.

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