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Effectiveness and safety are essential for keeping your pets healthy. Over the last 20 years we have had a dedicated team of Veterinary Advisors. The Veterinary Board instructed HAMPL clinic on the making of the homeopathic and herbal formulas. We estimate that at least 99% of pets experience frequent contamination – chemicals poisons – sprays, injections, drugs or low grade foods. Our approach is to combine homeopathic that have the purpose to reverse pathologies (which can take years) by the way of drainage, detoxification and organotherapy. There is no contradiction between Drainage and Hahnemanian Homeopathy. One prepares the way for the other. One cannot get a true constitutional picture until this is done. Wouldn’t it make sense to prepare the body to heal? Optimise the function of each and every organ first.

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Veterinarian Vision

In our practice we prescribe a broad range of the natural medicines and have been very happy with HAMPL products quality, safety and effectiveness.  We particularly value the “naturopathic range” as we have great medical results. SA Vet Clinic

Christina is an integrative veterinarian and founder of the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy, says, “The traditional approach to illness is to get rid of the symptom, … the holistic philosophy views a symptom as a clue to a larger problem and plans treatments to strengthen the whole body, instead of targeting only the manifestation.”
C. Chambreau, DVM

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