Pet Medication

Diana Moon-Hayes is one of the pioneers in natural animal medicines worldwide. Promoting awareness through education to the public on optimum health care through alternative medicines for animals. She believes through education and awareness, that we do have a choice in what pet medication to give our pets. The more we question why our pets become diseased the better informed we become, the better choices we make for the right pet medication. Having many years in researched and studies in Veterinary care and homeopathy with other various holistic animal modatlities. Diana has had many year’s experience in researching and studying Veterinary care and homeopathy, along with other various holistic animal modalities. Diana has been a qualified animal homeopath and a registered holistic animal practitioner in Australia for over 20 years.

History In 1992, Diana founded the Wholistic Animal Clinic and was primary practitioner. Diana partnered with a colleague, conducting animal health consultations via phone and in person. In 1997 through popular demand, our on-line animal consultation service developed quite quickly into not only a national service but international as well. Our suggested pet medication was found to be highly effective.

In 2004, after many requests, Diana created both certificate and diploma professional distant education correspondence course on animal healing through homeopathy appliaction and nutrition and founded St Francis College of Animal Homeopathy (STFCAH), where she remains the Principal to this day.  These courses in animal homeopathy are available to other practitioners, vets and lay persons, worldwide.

In 2005 Diana went into partnership and became HAMPL (Holistic Animal Medicines Pty Ltd) a Western Australian owned and operated company.   HAMPL developed into a very busy practice with extra staff  necessary.  By using animal clinical studies, HAMPL has continued to improve and expand the clinic range of therapeutic natural animal and pet medications.

In 2006,  HAMPL expanded and moved into a larger premises and increased the number of staff in our team.  Then in 2009 we grew too big and relocated again to a bigger premise.   Now in 2010, HAMPL proudly offers over 200 formulas.  These formulas consist of homeopathic and herbal formulations, which have been specifically tailored for many of today’s pet ailments, ensuring they are suitable for all species and ages where possible.

In 2009 due to popular demand worldwide,  some of our most popular HAMPL formulas have now been made available to retail stores and other natural medicine outlets under the brand name of Petpathics.  These are the same formulas and quality, just branded differently for retail purposes.  HAMPL will be going global with Petpathics natural medicine range in 2011.

Overall HAMPL is still a growing company integrating research, manufacturing and pet education, ranking amongst the leading companies for natural animal health.   We proudly gain the confidence of yet more customers by producing high quality natural pet medicines at cost effective prices.  HAMPL believes that a feeling of continuous growth is a wonderful source of motivation and self confidence. Our natural pet medications are widely used not only in Australia, but also in the USA, UK, South Africa, U.A.E and many countries throughout Europe and Asia.

ANIMAL formulas

Hampl was founded and directed by registered Animal homeopath, Diana Moon-Hayes, the company has always had a clinical holistic animal consultation service in Australia and Internationally. Diana paid meticulous attention to formulating and perfecting homeopathic formulas for animals, for continuous improvement and quality of results. hampl remains an Australian owned natural animal medicine company committed to providing quality and effective animal medicines to its domestic and export customers.

A majority our homeopathic stock are supplied from an Australian homeopathic lab which we then formulate our own combination formulas specifically for pet ailments. They are unique to any other homeopathic product available for animals on the market today.

The homeopathics lab manufacters in accordance with the Australian Code of Good Manufacturing Practice for Therapeutic Goods (Code of GMP).