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Respiratory-bronchitis,mycoplasma infection,inhalant allergy (AN024) Animal Prescriptions
  • Enterobacter cloacae, Mycoplasma, Bartonella infections
  • Chronic or acute lung paralysis, bronchitis.
  • Equine Roarer, wheezing, mucous congestion and coughing.
  • Wheezing or coughing from inhalant allergy reactions.
  • Acute or chronic conditions - causing anytype of symptoms like: wheezing, equine roarer, respiratory paralysis helps clear the lungs from congestion; and chronic obstructive of pulmonary disease (COPD); respiratory discomfort; soreness in chest, bronchitis, coughs.  

    Lung Infection - Nematodes (roundworm)?
    Cats are commonly asymptomatic to "lungworm" (aelurostrongylus abstrusus), the most common lungworm of cats, is found in many parts of the world, including the USA, Europe, and Australia. They are small parasites (males 7 mm, females 10 mm), deeply embedded in the lung tissues.  Lung Nematodes worms (Roundworms or Threadworms), but heavy infestations may produce the following symptoms: Dry coughing, Wheezing, Dyspnea (shortness of breath), especially upon exertion, Lethargy and exercise intolerance, Anorexia, Fever. Symptoms are typically noticed in younger cats. The nosode of this worm is in this homeopathic HAMPL Respiratory formula 

    * If any of these symptoms look familar we suggest to also use in conjunction with HAMPL ParaEx49 formula 50ml.

    Bartonella Bacterial infection ?
    More recently, however, several illnesses have been linked to Bartonella Henselae infection, including deep eye infections, enlarged lymph nodes, muscle pain, reproductive issues, and endocarditis, which is inflammation of the heart. Inflammation any many parts of the body is the most common symptom. The infection can affect a number of bodily systems, including the respiratory, digestive, neurological and cardiovascular systems, as well as the mouth, skin and lymph nodes.  The nosode of this bacterai is in this homeopathic Respiratory formula.

    Use this Nutirional Support supplement - In conjunction with the homeopathic drops on body
    1.   Magnesium Ionic in liquid 240ml, called "ReMag Magnesium Solution"  
    2.   Minerals Ionic liquid 240ml.  "ReMyte Mineral Solution" 12 minerals.
    You can find these wonderful supplement from another supplier, we do not stock these., or if you don't have a computer, at 888-577-3703 (USA) Hours of availability: Monday to Friday: 9am-6pm EST.

    Viral and Bacterial Diseases - Magnesium supplement has a unique healing power on acute viral and bacterial diseases. 


    HOW TO GIVE THIS MIXTURE TO your FELINE (or other small animal)
    Feline / Toy Dog / Rabbit:   We add approx. 20 drops of a herbal formula if required in an egg cup (30ml) and fill with boiled hot water from kettle. Let cool.  (if not leave out)
    Example your pet maybe needing the HAMPL Infection Fighter  or  HAMPL Herbal Congestion, HAMPL Herbal Sinus drops etc.  Once dilution has cooled only then add a pinch of Zinc Picolinate 15mg (powder from capsule)  (helps with loss of smell).  Along with the all important Magnesium mineral liquid of several drops (ReMag) and several drops of the ReLyte (mineral solution) in some liquid and Vital Greens Powder Supplement a pinch of this.  

    * Add a pinch of other supplements to this if suggested for the condition your pet has.
    Using a small syringe, we draw up the liquid and gently in side of mouth squirt 1/4 ml or less, repeat until 1 ml is taken. Or we mix 1 - 2ml of this into meals, depending if our pet is eating well or not.  We found initially we may need oral syringe this (side of mouth), but as appetite and wellness strengthens they eat with vigor and therefore less difficult to mix into each meal.  If you pet drinks milk, avoid full dairy and use goats milk water down a bit.

    DOUBLE THE AMOUNT FOR LARGER PETS.   * You can also add the other suggest supplements to this mixture.

    Non Drug Prescriptions Set of 2

    1.  HAMPL Respiratory   50ml (1.7oz)
    Contains homeopathic complex
    : Enterobacter Cloacae Bacteria nosode, Copaiva (respiratory organ, colds, & catarrah), Myoplasma Bacteria nosode, Lathyrus Sat, Carbo Veg (breathing and circulation), Ferr Phos (bronchititis, cold, pleurisy), Ant. Ars (emphysema), Aconite Nap, Lobelia Purp (respiratory paralysis), Drosera (dry hacking cough), Kali Nitricum ( spadmodic croup), Bryonia, Kali Car, Tussiflorin Huss  (respiratory tract and lung),  Spongia, Blatta Orientalis (bronchial), Bacillinum nosode (tubercular lung tissue chronic catarrh, repeated colds, depressed), Allium Cepa (laryngeal - nasal)  Organ Sarcodes of the Lung, Heart, Lymph and Bronchial tract, Mephitis 30C (whooping cough, asthmatic paroxysms), Ant.Tart  (respiratory disease, asthmatic bronchitis), Valeriana (hypersensitive), Myosotis (lungs), Nat sulp, Oscillococcinum nosode (influenza), Brassica Lericca (nose, larynx, trachea, bronchi, lungs) with Quebracho 12C (oxygen transport in the blood), Penicillinum nosode (bronchiectus) with Nocardia Bacteria nosode (protection or solution to bacterial infection - called Nocardiosis that effect lungs), Stannum (bronchiectasis, lung disorder, cough, sore throat, respiratory), Nat Sulph (dyspnoea with rattling in chest, lymphatic), Justicia  (acute catarrhal congestion, coryza, sneezing, coughing or bronchial rattle), Lung Sarcode nosode comb, Crataegus (hawthorn berries heart muscle tonic), Carbo Veg, Ammon. Bromatum (chronic laryngeal & pharyngeal catarrh), Tuberculinum Bovine nosode (allergies, frequent colds), Aconite Ferox  (must sit up), Ant.Iod (slow resolution of pneumonia), Oscillococcinum 200C (also known as Anas barb) (used as a prevention and solution of cold, influenza), Aviare nosode (tuberculosis in birds, SARS – weak lungs, influenza bronchitits, acute broncho-pneumonia), Graphites (spasmodic respiratory attacks), Apis Mell (asthma with suffocative feeling), Dulcamara (colds, catarrah, influenza, whooping cough, dyspnoea, impending paralysis of lungs), Nematodes - Capillaria aerophila nosode  and Aelurostrongylus abstrusus nosode (lungworm), Bartonella Henselae Nosode 6C, 30C

    2.  HAMPL Herbal Congestion   50ml (1.7oz)
    Contains medicimal herbal liquid extract concentrate of: Cats Claw (TOA free), Elderflower, Yarrow, Olive Leaf.
    Medicimal Herbal Extract Concentrate Uses:  Olive Leaf either kills, or resists the multiplication of a broad range of viruses, bacteria, yeasts, fungi, and other parasites in your or your pets system. 
From research and clinical experience to date, we can say that supplemental olive leaf may be beneficial in the treatment for conditions caused by, or associated with, a virus, retrovirus, bacterium or protozoan.   Among those treatable conditions are: influenza, the common cold, candida infections, meningitis, Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), encephalitis, herpes I and II, human herpes virus 6 and 7, shingles (Herpes zoster), HIV/ARC/AIDS, chronic fatigue, hepatitis B, pneumonia, tuberculosis, gonorrhea, malaria, dengue, severe diarrhea, and dental, ear, urinary tract and surgical infections.   Many animals who live under a stressful enviroment (breeding or kennel shelters etc)  will often become more susceptible to colds and viruses , therefore may benefit from long-term use of olive leaf in daily as a preventive agent.  Elderflower has traditionally been used to relieve fever, symptoms of respiratory catarrh and mucous congestion. Immune system boost, coughs, colds, flu, bacterial infections, viral infections, tonsilitis. Yarrow is a anti spadmodic properties, and often combined with Elderflowers for severe colds and flu virus symptoms.  Yarrow is used for fighting infection, inflammation, fever, common cold, hay fever, diarrhea, loss of appetite, gastrointestinal (GI) tract discomfort, and to induce sweating.  Cats' Claw (TOA free) helps eliminate s infections like Mycoplasma infections, which is often found in lung and respiratory infections. Cats Claw (TOA free) raises DD57 white blood cell counts. It modulates the immune system, raising it where appropriate and lowering overactive (auto immune) responses where necessary. The POAs in Cat's Claw work by supporting the white blood cells (WBC). These are the cells that help with immunity. One of the functions of the WBC is to gobble up, and eliminate bacteria and viruses. A natural and gentle formula providing fast support from respiratory inflammation and bacterial infection (eg nocardiosis, mycoplama). 

    MYCOPLASMA Infection.  When suspecting or treating symptoms of mycoplasma infection, continue  for min of 3 months. Example:  There are 20 strains of Mycoplasma and 3 strains of Chlamydia. Some of the health conditions thes infections can include are recurrent sinus or ear infections or allergies
o bronchitis or pneumonia transforming into asthma. Sinus, bronchial or genital & urinary infections later becoming chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia.

    Mycoplasma (but also Chlamydia) causes:
    • Immune reactions:    fatigue, depressed immune and white blood cell functions, auto immune problems
. • Circulation:    fatigue, poor circulation, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, blood clots, angina, heart strain, enlarged hear, heart failure, heart block and pericarditis
. • Neurological:   mini strokes, stroke, nerve or brain inflammation, neuropathy, polio-like symptoms, anxiety, depression, others
. • ENT:   allergies, ear aches & infections, “colds”, sinusitis or sinus problems, sore throats
.  • Lungs:    asthma, bronchitis, lung symptoms, pneumonia

    Australian Clients should be aware that national legislation prohibits the marketing or advertising of any veterinary products which have not been registered with the APVMA. These regulations were designed to control the entry onto the market of new chemical drugs and did not foresee the rising demand for proven herbal and homeopathic formulations. Other laws however, allow such treatments to be available after personal consultation. The product information provided is for International clients only, and Australians should ignore this information.

    for all species, size, and ages.

        “HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINES” (are sold in either a clear liquid or  tiny white pills –  both have no odour or taste)
    Easy "application dosing" for all species: 

    ~ Homeopathic DROPS (clear liquid)  DRIP 
    3 to 4 drops, pat  into fur/skin with bottom of bottle.  i.e. back of shoulder blades (not orally) which is regarded as one dose for all size species and ages. 
Note: Liquid homeopathics are more suited for feline, toy dog, fish, birds and other small species
    ~ Homeopathic PILLS (white pills) crush a pill (or whole) and add to gum/pouch of mouth to dissolve in saliva. Does not need to swallow it.
    *  Casual repeat dosing can add to water bowl or feed dish or water trough for wildlife or farm animals. 

    Refer to Bottle Label
     for suggested frequencies repeat dosing needed per day.
 the rule is one must "repeat a dose" more frequently with less time inbetween each application dose, which is more important than the amount given each time. Repeat application will provide 

faster action.

    (b)    “HERBAL MEDICINES ” (brown liquid - strong odour & tasting
    "Application dosing" for all species: 
    Canine, equine, cow, sheep, goat : add herbal drops (as recommended on bottle label) to some (unsweetened apple sauce or apple juice) for canines and oral syringe side of mouth. Can add other vitamins (crushed) Alkaline green powders etc. to mix. Refer to: Bottle Label for amount of drops per species size.

    Feline, toy dog, rabbit, or other small animals: add 2 - 4 drops of the brown herbal formula add 1 teaspoon of hot water from kettle, let cool, the oral dose side of mouth small sip until 1ml is taken.


    (c)       "NUTRITIONAL Mix " 
    Giving vitamins and supplements  

    Felines or small animals:    make up 1/4 cup of mixture, adding approx. a pinch of some type of Green powder (alkaline powder) or Chlorella powder (cleansing of toxins) or Vital Greens (highly nutritional) with 10 drops of herbs if you are having to also give herbal medicines (i.e brown liquid) (after a little hot water added to dissolve alcohol) 
    Med to large animals: add twice to three times the amount.

    DOSING: Feline or small animal: using an oral syringe draw up 1ml and gently small sips. Or add a teaspoon to meals if they don’t  mind eating it with meals (mix well into food) Do not put in Fridge. Room temp is best as too cold is dislike by felines.
    DOSING:  Canine, equine, cow, sheep, goat: try mixing well into food and hand piece before feeding main meals. Or dose same as suggested for felines, but add three times as much herbal mediicnes and vitamins to 1/2 cup of water or (unsweetened) apple sauce or apple juice.


    Slippery Elm Powder
    If needing to add or use Slippery Elm powder to work on stopping Diarrhea (or scouring),  Stomach Ulcers, or Sore inflammed mouth or Mouth Ulcers,  Constipation,  or  IBS (i.e colitis).

    Also been given as a liquid meal given orally via syringe as it is highly nutritional (oral liquid feeding) for convalescing or supporting during illness when not eating solids.  

    ~ Add a small amount of powder to the mix to enough to make a runny liquid mix, if you put too much of the powder it will become thick and gluggy, if this happens you will need to add more liquid to it.   Can add crushed vitamins and herbal medicines to this as well.   
    OPTIONS:   Oral dose in syringe or  add to meals three times a day or more to get the fast desired affect, then can stop or reduce frequencies.

    ( AUD$85.00 excl. GST )

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    Easy Animal Dosing

    Herbal medicines (brown liquid)
    Homeopathic medicines (clear liquid or white pills)

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